Three-dimensional X-ray procedures enable computer simulated, template - guided surgical procedure. The subsequent surgical procedure is gentle and painless. Anatomical structures such as nerves and vessels are protected.
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Hi-Tech Implant Centre

The latest three-dimensional X-ray methods (DVT): computer-simulated, template-guided surgical techniques are available upon request or when their use is mandatory. The subsequent surgical intervention is not only gentle and painless (minimally invasive surgery) but also safer (protection of sensitive anatomical structures such as nerves, vessels, maxillary sinus).
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Computer Simulation

First, a three-dimensional X-ray (digital volume tomography also known as DVT) is required to evaluate the bone and surrounding tissue.

Using a special computer program, the implants can be determined and represented virtually in all three dimensions.Limiting structures, such as the maxillary sinus or the mandibular nerve, are accurately represented to the design of the implants and actual conditions.

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Template Technique

After the strategy is determined on the computer, a template is created. This template is used when implants are made to the oral cavity so that the computer strategy can be accurately applied within millimeters.